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About Us

Community Wealth Co-operative is a multi-stakeholder non-profit organization that supports cost-effective housing, dedicated non-profits and sustainable initiatives in order to work on poverty alleviation.

Community Wealth was founded in 2018 by a group of dedicated individuals that had experience in the non-profit and co-op sectors that were focused on finding ways to use wealth to improve society and the planet.

Over the years, Community Wealth has brought together a wide variety of groups and has branched out to work as part of a coalition that works towards reducing the cost of housing but also provides resources for job creation and training as a broader strategy tool.

In exchange for this support, the enterprises direct their surpluses (or profits) to the Community Wealth Fund.  Those funds then become available to support the further development of existing and new social enterprises.

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Early Stage Funding


Community Wealth has the ability to provide pre-construction funding for co-operative development corporations that create home ownership opportunities for their members. Working closely with the co-operatives, Community Wealth can support the marketing, design, and approval process to ensure a successful development.

Startup funding is also available for selective non-profits that fit the criteria and strive towards our vision. Eligible non-profits include, but are not limited to those supporting indigenous communities, agricultural activities, and sustainable energy initiatives.

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Project Oversight

Monitoring the progress of supported social enterprises and developments to assure their success.


Using our experience in the housing and social enterprise sectors, we're able to provide guidance in addition to funding for all our developments and projects. Our goal is to work closely with all our partners and produce a successful project every time.

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Homeowner Support

Offering a specialized loan that reduces carrying costs, making the home more affordable. 

We believe that everyone should be able to own a home; we offer support from the beginning of the process so that people can achieve their dream of ownership.

The loan will be available through developments with our partners Home Opportunities.

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Financial Guarantees

Acting as a guarantor for the full range of associated projects and social enterprises.

Community Wealth recognizes the difficulties that co-ops and non-profits face with raising capital for new projects, and are working towards giving more organizations opportunities to be successful through a dedicated reserve fund. 


By re-investing surplus generated through our non-profit model into the fund we're able to support our partners and allow startup organizations to help overcome the initial hurdle of gaining access to capital.

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Knowledge Sharing

Supporting the dissemination of best practises between member organizations.

Using our experience in the housing industry over the years, we work with a wide variety of non-profits and co-ops.

Community Wealth partners also have experience in housing, co-ops, and much more and all members are willing to share their knowledge with each other to help develop their projects successfully.

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We envision a world where home ownership is possible for all communities, economic development is prioritized and poverty alleviation is in progress across the globe.



1. Supporting non-profits & co-ops that align with our vision to enact collective positive change

2. Supporting individuals that would otherwise be marginalized to achieve their dreams

3. Working using sustainable practises to improve the planet wherever possible

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